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Home Theater Prices in Kenya (2018)

Home Theater Prices in Kenya (2018)

What are the home theater prices in Kenya? If you want a sound system that replicates the movie watching experience you get in a cinema, then the Home theater is the way to go. This is done using strategically placed speakers around the room. These vary from 3.1, 5.1 to 7.1 channel systems. A good home theater for the living room should have Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI ports, Blu Ray or DVD Drive and USB Ports. However, one of these features can miss if the system compensates majorly in another feature. In this list of prices of home theaters in Kenya, you’ll find brands such as SonyLGTagwood and Harman Kardon. Home Theater Prices in Kenya (2018)

Therefore, you get more immersive experience when watching movies, playing games and listening to music. Elaborating on the channels, the 5.1 has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, the 3.1 has 3 speakers and 1 subwoofer while the 7.1 has 7 speakers and one subwoofer. In immersion, the 7.1 systems are the most immersive one compared to the rest. Surround sound is also a major feature you should get in these systems in addition to Dolby for enhanced audio quality. So here are the home theater system price in Kenya. You can also check out  speaker prices in Kenya

Latest Home Theater Prices in Kenya (2018)


Harman-Kardon HS 210 – 2.1Ch – Home Theatre System

Harman Kardon HS 210 2 Home theater at Jumia Kenya
Price KSh.111,999
Sound Output 65 Watts Per Channel
Speaker Channels 2.1Ch
Sorround Sound Stereo
Connectivity Ethernet, Buetooth
Weight 5.6KGs
Other Features FM Radio, Simultaneous playback of MP3 and (HD) JPEG
Pros Dolby Virtual Speaker technology
Cons Pricing, Channels
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer


JIEPAK JP-C1 – 3.1 CH Tall Boy Home Theatre – 10000W

JIEPAK JP C1 3.1 CH Tall Boy Home Theatre 10000W Black
Price KSh.8,999
Sound Output 10000 Watts
Speaker Channels 3.1
Sorround Sound Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports USB, SD Card
Weight 9.5Kgs
Other Features LED Display, FM Radio, DVD Player, CD, MP3, MPEG-4, WMA
Pros Pricing, Connectivity Options, Audio and Vido Codecs support
Cons No HDMI
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer


JIEPAK JP-C2C1 – 3.1 CH Tall Boy Home Theatre – Black

Price of the JIEPAK JP C2 C1 3.1 CH Tall Boy Home Theatre Black home theter in Nairobi Kenya Jumia
Price KSh.9,999
Sound Output 60 Watts
Speaker Channels 3.1 Ch Sub woofer
Sorround Sound Stereo
Connectivity Bluetooth
Weight 9.5KGs
Other Features LED Display, FM Radio, MPEG-4, MP3, WMA
Pros DVD Player, CD, Bass Boost
Cons None
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer


LG LHD-657 – Home Theatre System – 1000W

LG LHD 657 Home Theatre System 1000W Black
Price KSh. 32000
Sound Output 1000 Watts
Speaker Channels 5.1 Ch
Sorround Sound Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports HDMI, Optical, Terminal, Composite, Audio L/R, Mic In
Other Features DVD/CD Player, FM Radio, Karaoke, TallBoy Speakers
Pros DVD Upscaling, USB Direct Recording, Dolby Digital, Quality Bass Subwoofer
Cons None
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer Check at Almiriatechstore Price


Sony DAV-DZ350 – 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater- 1000W

Order the Sony DAV DZ350 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater 1000W Black online
Price KSh. 28000
Sound Output 1000 Watts
Speaker Channels 5.1Ch
Sorround Sound Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports USB, HDMI Out, Composite IN/OUT, Optical IN/OUT, Audio IN/OUT, DVD/CD
Weight 7.2KGs
Other Features Movie/Music Mode, Mic Input, Dolby Pro, Video Upscalling, Bravia Sync, FM Radio, DVD Resume,
Pros High Quality Audio and Video, Bass Subwoofer
Cons Quite Expensive
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer


Sony DAV-DZ650 – 5.1 Ch. DVD Home Theatre System

Buy the Sony DAV DZ650 5.1 Ch. DVD Home Theatre System Black
Price KSh. 34000
Sound Output 1000W
Speaker Channels 5.1 Ch
Sorround Sound Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports HDMI, USB, Mic in, Composite,Pin Jack
Weight 7.5KGs
Other Features DVD Player, Bravia Sync, FM Station, 1080 p Upscaler, Dolby
Pros Amplifier, Karaoke, Audio Quality, Quality Videos
Cons None
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer See this at Almiriatechstore Price Deal


Sony DAV-TZ140 – 300W – 5.1Ch – DVD Home Theater

Sony DAV TZ140 300W 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater Black
Price KSh.17500
Sound Output 300 Watts
Speaker Channels 5.1
Sorround Sound Yes
Connectivity Audio Line IN/OUT, Video Signal IN/OUT
Ports USB, HDMI in, HDMI Out,
Weight 7.11 KGs
Other Features FM Radio, Bravia Sync, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logc,
Pros Low Power Consumption, Upscales DVD and CD Signal, Quality Dolby Audio, Many Ports
Cons No Bluetooth
Warranty 1 Year
Latest Sales Offer Check Latest Price


TAGWOOD MP-730B Twin Tower Mega Home Theater Built-in DVD Player

TAGWOOD MP 730B Twin Tower Mega Home-Theater With Built in DVD Player
Price KSh. 36,999
Sound Output NA
Speaker Channels Tall Boy Subwoofer
Sorround Sound Stereo
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports USB, SD Card, Aux in, Optical Audio,
Weight 47 Kgs
Other Features Deep Bass
Pros FM Radio, Suitable for Public Spaces
Cons Weight and Size
Warranty 1 Year


TAGWOOD MP-730P Twin Tower Mega Home Theater

TAGWOOD MP 730P Twin Tower Mega-Home Theater With-Built in DVD Player
Price KSh. 39,999
Sound Output NA
Speaker Channels Subwoofer Tall Boy
Sorround Sound Stereo
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports USB, SD Card, DVD Player
Weight 47 Kgs
Other Features Amplifier, Extreme Bass
Pros Suitable For Quality “Bass Lovers”
Cons Weight, Size
Warranty 1 Year

If you did not find the model you are looking for, Check Here  for the latest prices and models.

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Dell Laptops Price List in Kenya & Features (2018)

Dell Laptops Price List in Kenya & Features (2018)

The list below has Dell laptops in Kenya and the prices. Though Dell is not a dominant player in this sector, they definitely produce quality laptops. That is why the big corporate companies use them.

To add to that, their battery life is usually one of the best I have seen on laptops, am talking more than 5 hours without charging.

Other laptop brands prices in Kenya include, HPASUS, Lenovo and Mac.

Below is the list of Dell Laptops Price in Kenya and where you can buy them.

Dell Inspiron Intel Celeron N3060 4GB 500GB 15.6 inch  DVDrw Buy
Dell Inspiron 3542 Intel Corei3 6th Gen 4GB 500GB HDD DVDrw Wifi Webcam HDMI 15.6″ free dos Buy
Dell Inspiron 3567 Laptop – Intel Core i3 15.6 Inch, 500GB, 4GB DDR4 RAM Buy
Dell Inspiron 3567 Intel Core i5-7200U 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 2GB AMD Radeon Free DOS Buy
Dell 3567 15.6-inch Laptop (7th Gen i5-7200U/4GB/1TB/Windows 10/0GB Graphics) 62000 Buy
Dell Inspiron 7537 Intel Core i5 /6gb/500gb/2gb/Win8.1/15.6″ 59000 Buy
Dell Inspiron 3467 Intel Core i7-7th Gen 4GB/1TB/2GB/Dos/14″ 73000 Buy
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SAMSUNG TV Prices in Kenya (2018) Nairobi

SAMSUNG TV Prices in Kenya (2018) Nairobi

Samsung TVS, are one of the most trusted worldwide. Here, we have Samsung TV price in Kenya. One of their main selling points is that they have one of the slimmest television sin the country.In addition to that, what I usually like about Samsung TVs is the fact that they are well designed and made of premium materials.Also, they have the best picture quality in the world. They are the number one supplier of display panels in the world.When it comes to home appliances, Samsung is the best seller in the segment. They have curved TVs, 3D, Digital, LED and 4K television in Kenya. Also check out Hisense tv prices and  Skyworth TV price list. SAMSUNG TV Prices in Kenya (2018) Nairobi.

Samsung TV Prices in Kenya (2018)

amsung TVs suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya.

When it comes to flat screens, Samsung has taken over with the largest market share. The main factor contributing to Samsung TV popularity in Kenya is the quality display and large size offerings. In addition, their TVs are among the most reliable in the country.

However, Samsung TV Prices in Kenya are higher than similar counterparts. The main contributing factor is the high quality display panel used in addition to the premium materials.

Samsung TVs can also be used for gaming. Since they have a game mode which adopts the refresh rates and color quality to suit quality. Majority, have a refresh rate of 60Hz.

See also What LG TVs are available in Kenya

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HP Laptop Prices in Kenya 2018

HP Laptop Prices in Kenya 2018

Here, you’ll find the cost of buying the laptop notebooks in the country and also the specifications. In addition, the key specifications and features are listed. Some of these HP laptops are on offer. So, the sale price might vary.

A brand synonymous with laptops in the country is HP. The best thing, is that these laptops have replacement parts easily available in Kenya. They include core i5, i7 and i3 intel processors.

Another good thing, no matter the price, you get quality laptop and decent features. Also check out Lenovo Laptops price list or Dell laptops. So here are the HP laptop prices in Kenya. The key features are also included below.

Latest HP Laptop Prices in Kenya

Hp Spectre 13 X360 Intel Core i7-6200u 8GB 256GB SSD WiFi Webcam HDMi 13.3 inch TouchScreen Free dos Silver 1 Year Warranty
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Corei7 6th Gen 6500U 8GB RAM 1000GB HDD(1TB) 78999
Hp spectre x360-Corei5 6500u 8GB-256GB SSD Free dos 84900
Hp Spectre x360 i7 6200u 8GB 512GB SSD 13.3 inch Display 112999
Hp 15 Core i7 7500U 2.70 GHz 8GB RAM 1TB 1000GB 74000
Hp 15 Intel Corei3-5200U-2.0GHz 4GB 500GB Free dos 15.6″ Black DVDrw WiFi Webcam HDMI 39000
Hp Probook 450 G2 Intel Corei3 2.10GHz 8GB DDR3 750GB HDD 39999
Hp Elitebook 840 G2 Intel Corei5 5th Gen 2.30GHz 4GB DDR3 750GB HDD WiFi Webcam 14.0″ Display Free dos 1 Year Warranty Dark Grey & Silver 58500
Hp Omen 15 Core i7 6700 HQ 2.60 GHz 8 GB RAM 1TB (1000GB) 97000
HP 250 G6 Notebook Intel Celeron N3060 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 32000
Hp Spectre x360 Intel Corei7-7500U 2.70GHz 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD 13 inch 138000
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Celeron Dual 8GB RAM 750GB HDD 31000
HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel Core i7-6200U- 2.30GHZ, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD 75000
HP 250 G5 – 15.6″ – Intel Celeron – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – DOS- Black 30000
HP Probook 450 G4 – 15.6″ – Intel Core i5 – 1TB HDD- 8GB RAM – 2GB Nvidia Graphics – OS Not Installed 69000
HP Probook 450 G4 ( Core i7, 1TB, 8GB, Free DOS, 15.6”) 84000
HP Notebook 14Intel Celeron (4GB SDRAM, 500GB HDD) 14-Inch Free DOS
HP 15-bs020WM 15.6″ Touch Laptop (Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 10)
HP 250 G6 – 15.6″ – Intel Core i3 – 500GB HDD – 4GB RAM – DOS
HP Probook 440 G5 Core i5 14.0 Inch 4GB  500GB
HP 15-ra003nia Intel Celeron 4GB/500GB/Dos/15.6 28600
HP ProBook 430 G5- 13.3 Intel Core i5 -8GB RAM 72000
HP EliteBook 840 G3 Intel Core i7-8th Gen 8GB/512SSD/Win10P/14″ 131000
Hp probook 450 G5 Intel Core i7 8500-U 2.7GHZ  8GB/1TB/2GB/Dos/15.6″ 84000

The following are HP Laptops in Kenya and the features (2018)

Almiriatechstore is a trusted HP Laptops shop in Nairobi, Kenya with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent service.

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HP Printers

HP Printers

Looking for a versatile HP Printers with unrivaled performance, an easy to use home printer, or business printers with capabilities to meet your growing needs? Look no further than printers from Beiyangu. Whether it’s a stylish, affordable home printer you’re after that will give you professional quality, or dependable, cost-effective business printers to meet all your business needs without breaking the bank, Almiriatechstore has the right printer deals for you. From simple print jobs to complex workflows, HP has the printers to meet your needs.

HP Printers
HP Printers

In the home and home office environment, we have a wide array of All-in-One printers designed to perform beautifully, and deliver the print quality you expect from HP. From HP OfficeJet All-in-One printers to HP Sprocket Photo Printers and everything in between, home and home office printing products from HP has you covered. Need a wireless printer that can print, copy, scan and fax? No problem. You want borderless printing with high yield ink capabilities? We’ve got that too. Want your printer to order Original HP ink when it’s running low, so you don’t have to worry about supplies? Many of our printers are eligible for HP Instant Ink, meaning you won’t run out of ink at the worst possible time. And be sure to check out the latest printer deals on our home and home office printers, so you can get the best value on the right product.

See Our latest HP printer prices

Deskjet Ink Advantage 2130 All-In-One Printer 5800
HP LaserJet Pro M102a Printer(G3Q34A) 14500
HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All in One Printer series 27000
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All in One Printer Share 5500
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 All-in-One (F0V64C) Printer 12000
D9L63A HP OFFICEJET PRO 8210  Printer 16000
HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n Printer (B4A21A) 24000
HP Laserjet Pro M252dw Wireless Color Printer (B4A22A) 33500
HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw  Printer 34000
HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer(G3Q35A) 17400
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130nw(G3Q58A) 20000
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130a(G3Q57A) 18000
HP Deskjet CIS 5810 Printer 17000
HP Deskjet All In One 4675 Printer 8800
HP Laserjet Pro MFP M130fn 21000
HP Laserjet Pro MFP M130fw 22000
HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227sdn 35400
HP OfficeJet 7110 Wide Format Printer 17000
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw (CF379A) printer 65000
Office Laser Multifunction Printers HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426dw 52000
Office Black and White Laser Printers HP LaserJet Pro M402dne (C5J91A) 29500
HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All-in-One Printer series 29000


For business, HP is synonymous with legendary quality and reliable printing performance. Whether you own a small business, manage a busy branch location, or run a large department, you can count on HP for dependable, cost-effective printers to meet your needs. Want to make big impressions for less? HP OfficeJet Pro printers feature functionality at a great value, while HP PageWide business printers offer a low total cost of ownership with incredible speed. In a larger office setting? HP LaserJet Pro printers provide legendary performance, with leading security and solutions offerings. And, with HP Managed Print Services, we can help you maintain your print fleet, improve your printing workflows and much more, giving you the freedom to manage your business.

As business printing needs change, HP is changing with them. The next generation of printing is smart, secure, in color, and completely transforming the copier experience. Leading the charge is the HP Color LaserJet A3 Multifunction printers. Our A3 MFPs and printers offer professional-quality results you expect from HP, maximum uptime and minimal interruptions, and the world’s most secure printing(1).

Is that a printer in your pocket? Why yes, it is. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer to be specific. And it lets you print instant stickable photos from virtually anywhere in seconds, customize photos with borders, emojis, and more, and easily print your favorite social media photos(2).

Looking to take your printing to another dimension? HP’s 3D printing is leading the way to an entirely new revolution in digital prototyping and industrial transformation. From full color 3D printing with voxel level control to metals printing, we offer solutions tailored to a wide range of environments — from small/medium sized product development teams to design firms, universities and more.

From All-in-One printers to large format printers & digital presses, and everything in between, HP can help you find the right products and solutions for your exact needs. Be sure to check out our limited time printer offers for the latest specials, plus free shipping and returns. With so many product options and printer deals to choose from, and legendary HP printer quality, the choice is clear.

(1) Enterprise models only. Based on HP review of 2016 published security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features that can monitor to detect and automatically stop an attack then self-validate software integrity in a reboot. For a list of printers, visit For more information: (2) HP Sprocket app required.

Computer shop in Nairobi Kenya

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Phone System for Office – PBX / PABX

Telephone system connects your office user telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network or Service Provider lines. Moreover, it allows internal communication for a business and shares a minimum number of telephone trunk lines between the users.Phones systems are available in different brands and two flavors. Traditional analog PABX telephone system and VoIP Telephone System. Traditional PABX System connects all the phones to the central unit with separate cable connect to each phone and limited in modern day business communication features. A VoIP Phone System[ IP PBX ]  work with network connectivity and provide communication by utilizing the TCP/ IP network protocol stack. In business phone system, an IP PBX System acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. By Using Network infrastructure for connecting the phones to the central unit and ability top share same network port for both computers and Telephone reduce significant infrastructure expense.

Phone System for Office – PBX / PABX PRICE LIST

The use of PBX was to provide shared access to limited resources. Such as a business having 1, 4, 8 or more lines from a service provider and the number of users in that organization is greater than the number of lines the PBX System share the line to all the users. Instead of providing the separate costly public line for all the users it will allow the users to share a small pool of lines. Considering IP Telephone System, there are several advantages businesses can benefit. Some of the standard features are IVR, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Voice Mail to Email, Mobility Users, Call Queue, Conference call bridge, Telephone CRM Integration and Remote office connectivity. With IVR and call queue you can handle more calls with few staff on board. The Voicemail, Voicemail to email and Mobility options make sure you never miss customer reach even out of the office. Conference call bridge, The Telephone CRM Integration, and Remote office connectivity provide higher business productivity.

Phone System PBX / PABX – IP Telephone System

We Offer complete telephone system PBX / PABX solutions and call center solutions in Kenya . We understand a good telecommunication system will be a backbone of your company. The right telecom products and solutions ensure your business are always connected. Other than that it grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your business.We always make sure our customers are getting the right Telephony solution. Our long time experience and expertise in this field allow us to understand your exact business communication needs and help you achieve that. We carry top brands in the telecom industry to fulfill every requirement from our customers. We deal in Fanvil HUAWEI, Panasonic, Cordless Phones,yeastar, Avay &  Asterisk  Custom solutions.  Call us today to get free consultation and quote.

Avaya Phone System Kenya

Avaya IP Office 500 PBX System combines your calls, messaging, conferencing, Video conferencing and customer management right into a single, expandable system. Avaya IP500 is the most popular Avaya phone system designed for small business customers. Avaya IP500 Enable future proof your business growth. Its an affordable office telephone system along with reliability and todays business features.

Grandstream Telephone Systems

Grandstream business telephone systems  Powered by an advanced feature rich platform with robust system resources. Grandstream IP PBX System offers a highly versatile, enterprise telephony solution for voice, video, data, and mobility applications. Additionally, fax, video Conferencing, and surveillance solutions can integrate with Telephony make it a perfect office telephone system for business.

Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System

Yeastar phone system intended for small and medium-sized enterprises as an easy to manage telephone system. The powerful license free features available with Yeastar MyPBX help you benefit from your communication system.  It is based on robust Asterisk platform and allows you to configure all the features through user-friendly graphical interface. You can choose any SIP supported IP telephones with Yeastar IP Telephone System.

Dlink IP Phone system

Dlink offers SIP-based telephony solution in an expandable and reliable platform. Dlink’s Telephone systems provide the perfect business communication system for business and home. Select Dlink Phone system for your business, and then you have a system ready to take your business communication to the next level. Features like IVR, Voice Mail, Fax to email, Mobile App Support and call recording make this system perfect for any business vertical.

SIP IP Phones

Using an IP PBX Telephone system that support SIP protocol will allow you to use the SIP IP Phones. We deal with Well known brands of IP telephones , that is  Polycom, Snom,Cisco, Dlink, Grandstream, Fanvil, RTX,  Gigaset , Yealink  and  softphone from  Bria. We can help you selecting the right VoIP phone for your office PBX System. Choose from  different desktop IP Telephones , Dect phones & conference phones from top manufacturers.

Does your company now need IM baked into its communications infrastructure, seamless wireless connectivity, integration with business applications like CRM, voicemail to email, or any kind of other technology? How would you tell what are critical technologies and solutions and discover which solutions provide the right combination of features, services, SLAs, and value to satisfy your organizational needs?. It is where professional telecom company like us coming into the picture. You can talk to our sales engineers for finalizing your business  Telephone system requirements. We assist you over the phone as well as visit your business, if situation wanted, completely free of cost.

Why You should move to VoIP Phone System

If you still have a traditional business telephone system, you should think about going away with it for good. Since there is a lot of superior IP phone systems, which lets you connect to your customers in a modern way. One benefit of investing in a business VoIP telephone system is the ability to connect a variety of devices and software beyond traditional desk phones. However, with a lot of possibilities for making and receiving calls, it could be tough to identify the optimal phone setup to your company’s needs.The VoIP Telephony includes advanced communication features and additionally, offers a significant amount of scalability and robustness. An IP Telephone system enables you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a typical network system port. The same port can share with the computer. Software phones could be installed entirely on the PC. Now you can get rid of the phone wiring and then make adding or moving of extensions incredibly easier. In new offices, you can eliminate the need for wiring. Thus, it can share the cables user for the computer network.

Phone Systems Kenya

When you heard CTI, it means Computer Telephony Integration or employed for VoIP Telephone systems which let you take control of your phone together with your computer. It Often works, either way. Means the telephone can control your computer and the other way round.With VoIP and CTI, it can provide the communications framework to handle communications and data by anyone inside your company, anytime and in anywhere. Integrates telephone communications and CRM  your computer screen displays information about the caller, including the phone number, address, and information regarding their account from the database of your company CRM or ERP. All this features facilitates improved customer support by permitting the representative to gain access to information regarding the client instantly. It also helps to speed call resolution.

Modern IP PBXs, which connect with the data network rather than the phone network, have evolved hand-in-hand with mobile devices. Businesses can continue to use IP desk phones or headsets using these systems. They likewise have the liberty to make use of smartphones as PBX extensions. Even the SIP Trunk provided by most of the modern telecom companies can connect to IP Telephone System. Older PBXs were hard-wired switching systems that enabled multiple extensions to share an incoming line from the phone company (known as a “trunk” line ). These telephone systems tied employees with their desks. BecouseSince desk phones should physically connect to the PBX system. Our Office Phone System Kenya Solutions designed to be both scalable and feature rich and meets the growing demands of today’s business conditions.We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and  SIP Protocol. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems PBX/ PABX that best fits your Business. Our Telephone system installation service deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements. Almiria Kenya offer high-tech installation service for Telephone Systems and Phones in Kenya, Nairobi as well as best price access in this region. Contact us Kenya today for your Office Phone System Kenya, Office Telephone System Nairobi, Office Phone System Installation Nairobi or Buying your Telephone Products in Nairobi.

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What LG TVs are available in Kenya

What LG TVs are available in Kenya

Here, we’ll look at LG TV Prices in Kenya. Over the years, LG TVs have become popular in the Kenyan market. This is majorly due to to the quality of their OLED and LED display. In addition to that, LG Tv audio is usually also outstanding. The LG TV prices quoted might vary slightly from time to time. LG have Smart, Digital, 3D and 4K TVs in Kenya. So, you have the best choice form their offerings. LG TVs are amongst the bestselling in Kenya. In addition, the Korean electronics giants also have a range of other home appliances in the country. Each LG tv has features such as resolution, screen size and audio ratings. This LG TV Price list also has LG TV offers and discounts. Also check out What LG TVs are available in Kenya  TV Prices or look at Hisense television prices. 

Latest LG TV Price in Kenya (2018)

Latest LG TV Models Price
24 Inch HD LG Monitor LED TV 24MT48V-PT KSh 18,500
32 INCH HD SMART LED LG TV 32LJ570U KSh 30,000
LG 49 INCH 4K UHD SMART HDR LED TV – 49UJ634V KSh 75,000
LG 55EG910T: 55″ 3D Curved Smart Digital OLED TV KSh 194,699
LG 55LH545: 55″ Full HD LED Digital TV KSh 86,999
LG 55UH603V: 55 inches Smart UHD 4K Digital LED tv KSh 120,000
LG 65UF950T: 65 inches Smart 3D Super UHD LED Digital TV KSh 500,000
LG 65UH603V: 65″ Smart UHD 4K Digital TV KSh 159,999
LG 65UH850: 65 inches Smart Super UHD 4K Digital TV KSh 215,999
LG 86UH955V: 86″ Smart 3D UHD 4K Digital LED TV KSh 1,650,000

These are the18 best LG TVs in Kenya 2018:


With these, the living room will be transformed into an entertainment spot. In addition, these LG Tvs can be used for gaming because of the high refresh rates.