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VoIP Explained: What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

VoIP Explained: What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. We also refer to it as digital or IP telephone technology. It allows you to communicate over the internet in the same way as a conventional telephone system. VoIP technology has grown at the same rate as the internet did back in the 90’s. It has become the standard for businesses because it’s affordable (in many cases, free), is easy to use, and is versatile enough to be integrated into almost any communication technology. All of the features and benefits give VoIP distinct advantages over a traditional business phone network. Central Telephone works with large and small business phone systems so that owners can upgrade their equipment.

Communication Over the Internet

We install VoIP system communication over an internet infrastructure, utilizing IP Protocol. By using this method, you can communicate without paying additional for the technology. There are numerous computer-based and cloud-based VoIP options for you to choose that give you flexibility. Voice over Internet Protocol also gives you more freedom to make international calls with greater ease. The are different options of voice servervices which include Cisco IP Phones, Fanvil, Flying Voice, Panasonic, Telephone Cables, Yealink, Yeastar and Zycoo

The Benefits of VoIP Technology

When integrated with cloud-based systems and hybrid phone networks, VoIP proves to be very useful and practical in the office setting. Some of the benefits of VoIP include:

●        Easy to Install and Maintain. IP phones are simple to install and require low maintenance. We can help you set up the entire system and provide remote support from our offices. Since there is no hardware or software to install, we’ll merely need to configure it with what else you have.

●        Upgrade or Downgrade. As we help you grow your telephone system, you can keep VoIP in the mix. If you choose to downgrade your equipment or simplify your existing network, you can still use VoIP seamlessly.

●        Mobility. All of your employees can access a convenient web portal to reconfigure their phones, change numbers, or update profile information. All of this can be done no matter where the job takes you.

●        Supported Features. You can utilize all types of features such as call hold, call transfer, forwarding, conference calling, call tracking, and auto-attendance. Most of the features are supported on other systems.

●        Bring Your Old Gadgets Along. We can help you integrate VoIP into your old phone system including faxes.

Learn More About VoIP From Central Telephone

Almiria offers VoIP installation and integration as a part of many of our products and services. No matter where you are with your technology we can help you modernize your telephone system using VoIP, cloud-based systems, and digital communication. If you would like to know more about how we can help you take your communication to the next level, call us today at Location: Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254700449778 | +254733491423 Email: [email protected]

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Fiber Optic Cable Your Best IT Wiring Solution

Fiber Optic Cable Your Best IT Wiring Solution

Although copper has set the standard for mass communication in the corporate setting, fiber optic cable is replacing it with each new building construction or upgrade nationwide. Although fiber optic is a bit more expensive than copper, it has several distinct advantages that make it a better product. Whether you’re launching a startup or looking to expand a well-established company, below, we explore some reasons why fiber optic cable is your best choice for wiring your communication network.

1. Faster Transmission

Information embedded in fiber optic cables travels just shy of the speed of light. Keep in mind; the average internet speed is 75 to 150 Mbps. A fiber optic cable can deliver data of up to 1000 Mbps. A fiber internet connection significantly reduces download times. In short, you never have to wait for anything.

2. Less Signal Loss

One of the challenges of long-distance wiring is attenuation. The longer the cable, the higher the attenuation, i.e., the greater the signal loss. While all long wires and electrical cords experience some signal loss, fiber optics experience less than other types of communication cables. For comparison’s sake, we know that copper cables can only transmit information up to 9 feet before signal loss takes its toll. Fiber cables, however, can up to 25 miles with zero signal loss. No contest.

3. Safety and Security

There are other reasons why fiber optic cables are the best possible option for your communication network. Fiber optics are a stable and secure material that eliminates specific communication and safety risks. Some examples are:

Zero Electromagnetic Interference. Fiber optic cables will not interfere with one another or other surrounding cables because they do not conduct electricity.

 Zero Fire Risk. Fiber optic cables are not a fire hazard. Since they do not conduct electricity, you never have to worry about a surge, flame, or spark.

 Extremely Durable. You don’t have to worry about replacing them as often as other cables. Even though the fiber is made of glass, they are less likely to break.

Fiber Optic Phone Systems From Central Telephone

almirianetworks is the leader in cloud-based, digital, and hybrid phone systems in Kenya. Our team of communication specialists can help you upgrade your current telephone network as your business grows. We offer cloud-based installation, network wiring services, and small business phone systems. To schedule a consultation or an installation, contact us Location: Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254700449778 | +254733491423 Email: [email protected]

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Top 5 Features of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Top 5 Features of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Is an outdated phone system limiting your flow of communication? It may be time to explore some options that you need to keep your business competitive in the modern age. Cloud-based systems offer innovative, useful features that improve productivity and collaboration in your business. Central Telephone can help you discover which features are most beneficial for your workflow each day. Five of the most practical features for companies in the Kenya area include:

1. Mobility

You can now enable your staff to communicate as efficiently on-the-go as they can from their office. Cloud-based phone system now offers features such as ‘find me/follow me,’ call forwarding and transferring, and instant one-click controls to cut down on dialing. These features allow workers to get more done when they’re not at their desk.

2. Easy System Integration

Your biggest concern as a business owner is that it may take too much time, effort, and money to integrate cloud-based equipment into your current system. In actuality, cloud-based upgrades require little time and effort and will save you money in the long run through free services and features such as VoIP. You can install cloud-based features without disrupting your workflow.

3. Streamlined Messaging

If you find that you and your staff are checking multiple messaging sources each day, it can get a bit irritating. Cloud-based phone systems solve this problem by reducing the number of sources you require to get voicemail, texts, emails, and instant messages. It enables users to receive a voicemail on a phone handset, a .WAV file of a voice message delivered to email, and receive an SMS notification alert on a cell phone.

4. Integrated Instant Messaging

A business integrated instant message (IM & P feature) enables users to see their coworkers availability in real time, whether they are in a meeting, available or on an active phone call. It cuts down on guesswork and trying to track down someone you may need to talk to right now. You can leave message or notifications for someone when they are not currently available.

5. Administrative Tools

If you are the communications administrator in your company, web-based phone systems allow you to have complete control of the entire communication network. A central portal enables you to monitor communication without all the hassle. You can log into any portal from any location to change call routing, reset passwords and more. You no longer need to call a service tech to do it for you.

Central Telephone Offers Innovative Cloud-Based Phone Systems

 Almirianetworks has provided Kenya and East Africa area with modern cloud-based phone systems, network wiring solutions, and business phone installation. More than just offering cutting-edge technology, we pride ourselves on our fast, reliable service. To schedule an installation or initial consultation, contact us Location: Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254700449778 | +254733491423Email: [email protected]

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Why VoIP Systems are Good for Startup Businesses

Why VoIP Systems are Good for Startup Businesses

VoIP has made a significant impact in the way corporations in Kenya have approached mass communication. VoIP impressively bridges the gap between conventional telephone systems and modern advances loaded with a string of features. For larger companies, providers such as Almiria have been able to usher several companies into the modern age and make communication more effective and easy. But what about startups? Do they have the same needs that would warrant the use of a VoIP telephone system? Below we explore the reasons why VoIP is just the thing that startups need and how they can benefit from it.

1. Startups Can Afford It

Most startups cannot afford to hit the ground running with the weight of overhead on their shoulders. Complex phone systems with a ton of additional features can seem to be too costly for both the initial investment and the maintenance. Not so with VoIP. It piggy-backs any connection your startup is already utilizing without adding more expensive lines or equipment or phone plan. You get all the upgraded VoIP features but without the installation, crew showing up at your door. How does this work, though? Simple: the internet. All VoIP communication is made over the internet, allowing the user to make calls anywhere around the globe without incurring additional fees. You opened up your possibilities without complicating your current system. You can scale VoIP for your small business.

2. Additional Features

We can add features to your current communication configuration that will leverage your business and give your clients the appearance that you’re running a major operation. Many of the standard features include:

●        Find Me

●        Follow Me

●        Call Forwarding

●        Advanced Voicemail

●        Advanced Conferencing

●        Auto Attendant

With all these features at your fingertips, you can provide unlimited access to your business for your customers and business partners. Central Telephone can customize your VoIP experience to make doing business easier than ever.

3. Cloud-Based Phone Systems

We can also help you set up cloud-based hosting for your entire communication system no matter how small or large. As opposed to traditional phone systems which require large-scale installation, hosting your VoIP services in the cloud saves on initial upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance and support. With cloud-based technology, your options are endless, and your network can grow seamlessly as your business grows.

Central Telephone Offers Complete VoIP Phone Systems

If you are ready to take your business communication to the next level, then contact Almiriatechstore Telephone today. We offer a wide range of VoIP and cloud-based phone systems for startups and corporations in Kenya. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us at  Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254700449778 | +254733491423 Email: [email protected]

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Communicate and Collaborate with VoIP Telephone Systems

Communicate and Collaborate with VoIP Telephone Systems

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How to Correct the Jitter in Your VoIP

How to Correct the Jitter in Your VoIP

VoIP is an affordable and simplified solution for your company’s communication system. Instead of using regular phone lines, you can utilize VoIP via an Internet connection. VoIP takes analog signals and converts them into digital data packets that travel to the receiver on the other end of the phone line. Occasionally. These packets of information can travel on divergent paths and get mixed up or dropped en route. When this happens, it is known as jitter. Almirianetworks can analyze the causes of VoIP jitter and improve your system’s performance so that it doesn’t happen.

What Causes VoIP Jitter?

Anything that interferes with your Internet connection can cause jitter. For instance.

●        Network Congestion. A common cause of jitter is a crowded Internet network. When several lines of communication are in use simultaneous, communication can become fragmented or interrupted.

●        Wireless Networks. Wi-Fi is not stable enough to rely on for phone calls. If your current wireless system is weak, we can help you make the necessary upgrades to accommodate your VoIP network.

●        Outdated Hardware. Modems, routers, switches, and Ethernet cables can go bad and provide a low output. If you need a complete system upgrade or analysis, give us a call.

Measuring Jitter

The amount of VoIP jitter your system is experiencing is measured in Milliseconds. For VoIP to work properly there should be less than 40ms of jitter occurring at any given time. If jitter measures more than 40ms, you will receive poor call quality. You can measure the jitter using simple online tools that you can find via Google search. Rule of thumb: the higher the number in milliseconds, the worse the jitter.

Removing Jitter From Your VoIP System

Now that you know what jitter is and what causes it, here’s how we can help you remove it from your VoIP network:

●        Upgrade Internet Connection. Make sure you a have a substantial upload and download speed capable of handling VoIP calls as well as a stable connection.

●        Use a Jitter Buffer. A jitter buffer works to combat the issue head-on. The jitter buffer collects the packets and delivers them in order.

●        Upgrade Network Hardware. Make sure your hardware is up to date and in working order. You can also purchase a router made for VoIP. This router will keep voice data prioritized.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems in Plymouth, Minnesota

Are you experiencing jitters with your cloud-based phone system in Kenya?  ALmirianetworks can help you with the problem. We offer services for the cloud-based phone system, business phone systems, and network wiring.

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Home Security Checks Before Going on Vacation

Home Security Checks Before Going on Vacation

Holiday means travel for you and your family. While it’s all fun and exciting, it also means more time away, leaving your home and your belongings vulnerable to burglaries. There are ways you can protect your home, even if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

Home Security Checks to Perform Before Leaving

While home security should be a top priority year round, Holiday is a peak times for burglaries, so you need to step up your defenses. Before you head out for your summer vacation, make sure to perform these critical tasks on your checklist:

  • Install a Home Security System – Holiday is a great time to install a security system. You will want to give yourself a little time between travel and installation. A security system will provide you with added peace of mind while you are away.
  • Inform Your Alarm Monitoring Service – If you already have a home security system, do not forget to tell the monitoring service you will be away (and give them the dates). Let your security service know who has authorized access to your home while you are away and provide the service with your contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Use Home Automation Systems – Home automation systems allow you to put your home on a timer. You can have lights turn on and off at specific times and even program your comfort systems to activate as you are on your way home, so everything is warm and well-lit for your arrival.
  • Put Mail and Newspapers on Hold – Nothing tells burglars you are away more than piled up mail and newspapers. Put any delivery services on hold or ask a neighbor to pick up the paper and mail so that you are not leaving a tell-tale sign you are gone.
  • Check All Entry Points – Check all entry points to your home and ensure they are locked. This includes basement entrances, attic windows, second-floor windows, etc.
  • Inform the Neighbors – Let your neighbors or the head of your neighborhood watch program know you will be away and ask if they could keep an eye on things for you.
  • Do Not Publicly Announce Your Travel Plans – Avoid the temptation to announce you will be away online or publicly. Burglars monitor the web, especially social media, to see where you check-in, if you plan to travel and how long your house will be vacant.

You Can Check

Learn more about how you can protect your home while you travel or get a free home assessment from your local home security professionals.

Protect your home while you travel this Holiday by installing a security system. Call CSS for a free consultation today.

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