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Tutorial on Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

Tutorial on Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms The purpose of this article is to give information pertaining to the suitable application of smoke detectors used in conjunction with the fire alarm systems. The title outlines fundamental principles that must be considered in the application of early caution fire and smoke detection devices. It represents working […]

Buy Printers & Scanners on Brightsource Kenya

From best priced LaserJet printers and ink-effective inkjet printers to Scanjet scanners, It doesn’t matter if what you need is a new high-quality printer for your office or business purpose, or you need a cheap neatly used Scanjet for safe home use, they are all here on Brightsource Kenya at the best prices. In the […]

Servers and Server Accessories

Is your company looking to upgrade its computer servers or expand its server network? Connection offers a wide selection of servers and server accessories, including load balancers, and more. Selecting the right server solution to fit your business needs can be a challenging process. There are a large number of manufacturers, model specifications, and form […]

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink Phones Why Yealink It combines progressive features, excellent audio and open SIP support to provide business with cost effective solution for professional communications. Yealink are known for integrating with diverse VoIP systems and Cloud VoIP. Why buy Yealink from Beiyangu Kenya? Yealink phones are feature rich but also budget conscious so you can afford […]

Barcode Scanners at best prices in Kenya

Buy Scanners on BrightSource Kenya Barcode Scanners are necessary in a work environment for the purpose of scanning documents and converting them into digital data. This basically means that a hardcopy document can be converted into a softcopy document and sent via email or any other digital method. This makes scanners very important because hardcopies […]

Security Systems Kenya

Home Security Systems Brightsource Kenya is the leader in home security. Our highly skilled home security experts can custom-design home security systems to meet your exact needs. Motion Detectors Browse our selection of motion detectors and choose which size, shape, and functionality is best for your home security system. Pet-friendly options are available. Glass Break […]

Honeywell Barcode Scanners Kenya

Get Honeywell Barcode Scanners Kenya from Beiyangu Kenya Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions brings you one of the broadest switching and sensing portfolios on the planet. They offer amazing breadth of solutions from an array of technology platforms. They deliver their products designed to specific and essential requirements, integrated into application-specific packaging. And they do […]


Yeastar S20 IP telephone maximizes performance for your business with reliable hardware and business friendly license free features. The S20 IP PBX best suited for Small business, helps maximize productivity with a solution that fits their budget and their resources.The Yeastar S20 is having management capacity of 20 users, and it is ideal midsize companies […]

Yealink SIP IP Phones in Kenya

Yealink SIP IP Phones in Kenya Yealink SIP IP Phones. When it comes to telecommunication technology, you should have a look at the diverse opportunities available. With the advent of VOIP technology, the business communication has become transparent, simple and refined. It enables enterprises to achieve its communication goals by reducing the telephone expenses and […]