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cordless phone shop Nairobi Kenya, Communication is one of the key factor to consider, when setting up an organization. Without communication they arise conflicts among teams, duty duplication and over all organization failure, that why Beiyangu Network in collaboration with Panasonic strive to make communication

KSh4,500 KSh4,000
  • The GSM desktop phone is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive menu
  • GSM landline
  • Compatible with any telephone operator
  • Hands-free key (no headphone jack)
  • It can be hanged on the wall
  • Great battery life
  • Languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese
KSh5,500 KSh5,000

Huawei 6188 sim card gsm desktop phone/gsm landline phone

Huawei 6188 sim card gsm desktop phone/gsm landline phone has a speaker Phone,caller ID display ,SMS function, IP No. Setting,speed dial function and a low-power indicator.

KSh5,300 KSh4,800

Buy Huawei F316 sim card gsm desktop phone/gsm landline phone from Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

Huawei F316 GSM Office_Home Desktop Phone with SIM Slot & 3G. huawei F316 GSM Fixed Wireless Desktop Phone with SIM card slot, voice call function, and sms messaging capabilities. This amazing desktop phone is good for both office and home use. Add class, prestige, and ‘swagger’ to your office desk with Huawei GSM Fixed Wireless Desktop phone. Switch it off, or forward to voicemail after office hours. At home, let it serve as your official home phone that everybody at home have access to.



KSh25,000 KSh24,000
Call Hold:Yes
Call Transfer:Yes
Distinctive Ringing:No
Do Not Disturb:No
Features:All-in-One Platform, Cost Saving, SIP Trunk with SIP Carrier
Mount:Wall Mount

KSh13,000 KSh12,500

Panasonic GSM Fixed Wireless KX-TW501 CXBE (1 Handset)

  • Cordless phone with caller ID and speakerphone
  • Pack of 2 handsets
  • Cordless phones