HUAWEI GSM ETS3125i Sim Card phone

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Product Description

Huawei 3023 Fixed wireless phone Speed dial multi-functional 1 SIM Card FWP clear & loud voice Description: Model: 3023 Caller ID: Yes Interface Type: Common interface GSM 900/1800MHz Support GPRS High definition voice quality Short Message Security Solution Complete antenna solutions Selling point for the rural market 1. wireless farmers, then the air recharge and agricultural ICT business; 2 .support the TNC interface, poor indoor signal can be an external outdoor antenna; intelligent power programs, support 1000MA, 1500MA, 7A lead acid batteries and solar panels 4.external power supply, to prevent voltage fluctuations, the current situation for rural power 5.lightning, dust 6. loud, ringing big, big buttons, large fonts, suitable for household use in rural old people left behind 7.simple, with navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts 8. quality is very stable, very low failure rate 9 .itself as a module supplier, industrial modular design, telecommunications, application-level Packaging Detail: Weight: FWP: 400g;Full set with AC adapter, antenna


Buy GSM HUAWEI ETS3125i Sim Card phone from Beiyangu, NAirobi Kenya

Key Features:

· + TD-SCDMA and GSM seamless switching.
· + Realtime signal strength display, real electricity and real capacity display.
· + Write, send and receive messages functions.
· + Language Chinese and English.
· + Alarm clock function.
· + Caller identification display, call recorder, handfree calls.
· + Call timing, call book function.
· + Support USIM / SIM card and fixed station call book backup function.
· + Settings network type, phone setup, display settings, call settings.
· + Contextual modelnormal mode, silent mode, outdoor mode.
· + Emergency call function Attention in case of emergency, you can use this telephone to call.

More details:

1) apply to networks GSM 900/1800MHZ and TD-SCDMA 2010/2025MHz.
2) may call the local telephone, domestic long distance, international long-distance, mobile, IP Internet telephony.
3) to provide anti-polarity signal, with the meter, if used in public accounting.
4) standard bell stream / feed interface and a variety of switches can be adaptive.
5) can be set to the local area code, users dial a local call dial the area code when you do not have to.
6) Caller ID function.