Satellite antennas and VSAT Solutions


Satellite antennas and VSAT Solutions available in Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

Our Main Areas of Activity range from Installation and ground support of VSAT systems, point to point and meshed corporate networks and Internet provision we also cater for Internet provision. Our other range of services include:

beiyangu Limited understands that reliable connectivity is an integral and critical element of every customer’s business. For this reason, beiyangu Ltd’s service concept relies on establishing a local presence with dedicated support in each of the countries to which it delivers its services. This strategy allows beiyangu Ltd to better understand its customers’ unique needs in each regional market, tailoring its solutions to their specific requirements and backing those solutions with rapid, high-priority support.
VSAT solution offered by beiyangu  is a reliable, scalable and easy to deploy technology, which is suitable for corporate data networking for the delivery of Video, Audio and more importantly the mission critical data in areas where Fibre Optic is not present especially the remote areas.