Tp-Link Tl-PS310U Single USB2.0 Printer Server

Brief Product Description

The TP-LINK MFP and Storage Server TL-PS310U is designed to share USB devices throughout home or office network (SOHO applications). It allows to use one printer or other USB device by a number of users. TL-PS310U can cooperate with:
  • Printer
  • MFP (multifunction printer/peripheral)
  • Scanner
  • External hard drive
  • Memory card (using additional card reader)
  • Flash drive
  • Loudspeakers
  • Web camera

Buy Tp-Link Tl-PS310U Single USB2.0 Printer Server from Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

Brief Product Description

Tp-Link Tl-PS310U Single USB2.0  is a  and Storage Server TL-PS310U are ideal for sharing USB connected devices across a home or office network.

The device is compatible with the majority of printers and multifunction printers on the market and permits for seamless sharing and management of those devices with network connected computers.

Tp-Link Tl-PS310U device is also capable of operating with up to four USB based devices such as scanners, flash drives, speakers and webcams with a USB dock connected to the server.

These devices may be accessed from across the network and even wirelessly when the Server is connected to a wireless router.

The TL-PS310U is compatible with the majority of MFP and other USB devices in the market. Tested with over 200 different printer models, our TL-PS310U delivers class-leading device compatibility.