Ubiquiti Rocket Dish RD-5G34 Antenna (RD-5G-34)

KSh39,500.00 Exc. Tax

Ubiquiti Rocket Dish RD-5G34 Antenna (RD-5G-34) available at Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya.

Quick Features

  • Frequency: 4.9 – 5.8 GHz, Gain: 30 – 34 dBi, Radome: RAD-RD3, Wind Survivability: 200 km/h (125 mph), Mounting: Universal Pole Mount, Rocket Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Connectors Included
  • The RocketDish antenna delivers 2×2, dual-polarity performance.
  • Powerful Performance for Long-Range Links
  • Robust Design and Construction for Outdoor Use
  • Seamless Integration with Rocket Radios