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1.5M VGA cable Male to Male Beiyangu

1.5M VGA cable Male to Male plugins Connect your PC, monitor, projector and other video displays through VGA connections Fully shielded VGA cable

1.5M VGA cable specification

Description of the 1.5m VGA Cable

  • Most Popular Length of VGA Cable
  • Length: 1.5m
  • Colour: Black Cable & VGA Connectors
  • Gender: Male VGA Connections on Both Ends of Cable
  • VGA: 15-pin D plug to 15-pin D plug
  • Ferrite Cores on Both Ends

Uses of the 1.5m VGA Cable

  • To connect a PC or Laptop computer to a TV
  • A replacement VGA cable for your PC monitor
  • Can be used to connect some CCTV DVRs to monitors
  • Can also be used with projectors

Advantages of the 1.5m VGA Cable

  • Has ferrite cores on both ends of cable
  • NEVER buy VGA cables without ferrite cores
  • The signal can suffer horrible interference without them even on short runs
  • Ferrite cores look like the barrel shape before the end of the cable
  • Works easily and very little configuration is needed to connect to TV
  • For use with PC and monitor, just connect the cable and it works straight away
  • Good quality work around where no HDMI or DVI connection is available on the PC or laptop
  • 1.5m VGA cable is long enough for most PC uses


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 VGA 1.5M  cable

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